Robin "From Da Hood" Hood lights an arrow. The smallest of lights. Aims it toward the Sheriffs horse & buggy. Release. Follow up shot of buggy & horse exploding skyward as Da Hood walks away. Cut to Vin Diesel as Friar "I Don't Give A Fuck" Tuck laughing his ass off. Repeat that over 2 1/2 hours. Cash the checks. End… » 10/07/14 7:15am 10/07/14 7:15am

The Jedi order has probably been reestablished but are in hiding per Abrams usual BS stylings, thus closing the gap between sources. Descriptions of Luke being an utter badass Jedi sounds wonderful, eradicating the gap between the old extended universe version and the nu-Star Wars Abramsverse.

If any part of that is… » 9/15/14 10:32am 9/15/14 10:32am

The trailer is dull but informative giving me the distinct impression it was made by a Christian or -shudder- Mormon organization. Their Facebook page is woefully undervisited for what looks like a fairly ambitious project/production company. It's all a bit curious. » 9/12/14 1:32am 9/12/14 1:32am