She was the last of her kind on the talk show circuit of the late 80s. A sort of talent & class that the hipster pretends to aspire (hence the glasses jacking). You can only be that ridiculous & pretentious if you have the skills to back it up. » 3/25/15 10:45am 3/25/15 10:45am

The idea is great. The reality of Adam Sandler isn't. Though it demonstrates how great Futurama was by creating an entire film after an episode idea. » 3/17/15 5:00pm 3/17/15 5:00pm

That's nice. I already have several streaming services via my XBox. Have for years & likely many Apple product owners have something like it already. Why would we want to switch again? » 3/16/15 11:10pm 3/16/15 11:10pm

What's more interesting are all the other knuckle cracking related Gawker stories linked at the bottom of the page. You people are obsessed. » 3/15/15 7:15pm 3/15/15 7:15pm

I do hope it stops for the couple (and I do) and I hope the pointed use of "jagoff" will cause the word a renaissance it richly deserves & Joe Pesci can start working again. » 3/11/15 10:24pm 3/11/15 10:24pm

Any locked phones' set of default ringtones. They are less ringtones & more the death knell of good taste. They suck balls throughout the universe forever. » 3/11/15 8:07pm 3/11/15 8:07pm

Meh. The Jedi & Sith had been far better fleshed out in the novels & etc. He could've borrowed liberally from his own property & simplified his efforts but his version rang pretty hollow. The Jedi came across as weak at every turn despite the years of talk by Lucas himself that they were a force (no pun intended) to… » 3/10/15 10:59pm 3/10/15 10:59pm

Don't start. The earlier stories were still more complex than the DC comic stories at that time. JL Unlimited went even further with weird, fun conspiracy theory arcs that ended with a great deal of heart. They're the best of all the Bruce Timm run. Dwayne McDuffie, honorable mention. » 3/10/15 8:05pm 3/10/15 8:05pm

Side stepping the weaker Aliens entries (3-4) is ok with me. The original director did with Prometheus though reviews are mixed on how good it was. The sidestep had potential, however. » 3/10/15 7:03pm 3/10/15 7:03pm

Probably & quite accidentally "King Of The Hill." There are great stand alone episodes, but it works as a whole. The Simpson's, for example, does not. » 3/05/15 7:34am 3/05/15 7:34am