This reads like a good David Sedaris article: personal, upsetting and strangely informative. Well done. But the fact that you've never heard of this makes you part of the olds and never again young enough for to do the Bubbling.

The bright side is that you are old enough to have enough sense to never, ever drink your… » 7/02/14 9:47pm 7/02/14 9:47pm

Question. With the prequels being generally negatively received and with JJ Abrams, at best, coverband greatest hits version of "Star Trek" why is everyone so got danged excited about Star Warts IV?

I think it's safe to call all of Abrams work as "uneven". Some things well received, some decidedly not. Most made… » 6/23/14 4:59pm 6/23/14 4:59pm